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Xaviar is a relatively new company formed from five experienced professionals expert in the field of designing, building and delivering powerful ebusiness software applications.

Joining forces to bring their combination of management skills, creativity, technical knowledge and practicality to bear on a confused and confusing marketplace in which it's all too easy to become side-tracked and way-layed by non-critical factors whilst failing to meet business targets.

Using their vast wealth of experience in delivering major ebusiness systems to large corporate customers they are able to consider facets of application design that elsewhere often go unnoticed until after a product launch.

One important aspect frequently overlooked by application designers, or where designers make arrogant (and potentially costly) assumptions, is about the attitudes and abilities of users. Over and underestimations are equally damaging to the success of your online application or web site.

Similarly, user perception often changes across cultural boundaries, as exhibited in the difference in attitudes between American, European and Oriental users of your business application. Addressing these issues from the outset makes for a much more successful initial take-up and lower requirement for re-work.

This site is to be a window on current developments at Xaviar. We are currently focusing on building real business applications, rather than self-promotion, so what you see here is just a temporary placeholder. Xaviar's full site is being readied and will appear very shortly. Click on the image to the right to get a preview.

Xaviar clients please continue to access your support and administration areas through your respective secure login page.

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